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Our advanced modules consist of online courses and on-campus training programs for biomedical professionals.

Clinical Development

Question Based Clinical Development facilitates the design of a rational and efficient development pathway for new medical interventions. Learn the principles behind QBCD and how to apply it to real R&D projects.

Free course

Clinical Research Regulation in the Netherlands

Before starting a medical research study, it is reviewed and approved by an authorized reviewing committee. Learn the practical steps to navigate the review system of clinical research. This course is specific for the Netherlands.

Drug Development

Intellectual Property

Obtaining a patent is a crucial step to safeguard the intellectual property of a novel biomedical intervention and to raise funding for its development. This course discusses the pros and cons of intellectual property and the do’s and don’ts to protect your biomedical invention in a timely manner.

Market Approval

Market Approval is mandatory at various milestones in the development of your novel biomedical intervention and need to be passed to move your product to the market and beyond.