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profile of Andreas Wallnöfer

Andreas Wallnöfer

BioMed Partners Venture Capital (former Head of Clinical Research & Exploratory Development at F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.)

General Partner

profile of Myriam Theeuwes

Myriam Theeuwes

Janssen Pharmaceutical

Compound Development Team Leader

profile of Justin Hay

Justin Hay

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

Pharmacokinetics Assessor

profile of Rob Zuiker

Rob Zuiker


Senior Clinical Scientist

profile of Hans-Georg Eichler

Hans-Georg Eichler

European Medicines Agency

Senior Medical Officer

profile of Matthijs Moerland

Matthijs Moerland


Research Director Translational Biomarkers

profile of Inge de Lepeleire

Inge de Lepeleire

MSD Europe

Director Translational Pharmacology

profile of Koos Burggraaf

Koos Burggraaf


Research Director CVS & Metabolism

profile of Johan Garssen

Johan Garssen

Danone/Nutricia Research

Director Immunology Platform

profile of Ingrid de Visser

Ingrid de Visser


Senior Clinical Scientist

profile of Rick Kuntz

Rick Kuntz


Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific, Clinical and Regulatory Officer

profile of Paul de Koning

Paul de Koning

Former Head Clinical Pharmacology & Exploratory Development Astellas

Exploratory Development Expert

profile of Geert Jan Groeneveld

Geert Jan Groeneveld


Research Director CNS

profile of Oliver Bisazza

Oliver Bisazza


Director Regulatory Policy

profile of Saco de Visser

Saco de Visser

Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden

Teacher and clinical pharmacologist

profile of Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen

Centre for Human Drug Research

CEO and clinical pharmacologist

profile of Richard Shull

Richard Shull


Head of Deal Structuring and Trading Fundamentals

profile of Pierre Peeters

Pierre Peeters


Former site head early stage development