In this online course, you are introduced to legislation and procedures on clinical research in the Netherlands. The course will contain several themes covering various topics. The first theme ‘Explaining the Dutch Review System’ is now open for you and it is free! More themes will become available later this year.


This course is for …..

This online course is for clinical researchers, research nurses, clinical research associates (CRAs), employees of companies involved in clinical research, (candidate) members of reviewing committees (accredited MREC and CCMO), and others interested to learn more on the review of clinical research in the Netherlands.

Are you planning to conduct clinical research in the Netherlands? If so, we recommend that you take some time to understand the Dutch review system and learn the practical steps involved. It will help you prepare and submit your research file efficiently.

The first theme contains (amongst others) an easy-to-use tool  ‘Select the right reviewing committee’ that will not only help you to find the right committee (accredited MREC or CCMO) for the medical-ethics review of your research file, but it will also explain which other organizations are involved in the various additional approval processes (if applicable).


The themes for this online course are developed in collaboration with the CCMO and is in part based on the Dutch e-learning site Onderzoekswijs.nl. Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden is solely responsible for the course content. The CCMO will close the e-learning site Onderzoekswijs.nl once all its themes are incorporated in this online course.

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