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With our License Agreement Builder, you can quickly and easily draft a license agreement for your new medical intervention. In each section, you can choose from a variety of paragraphs written by legal professionals, allowing you to simply drag-and-drop the relevant paragraphs. This free tool was developed for use in our online Intellectual Property course.

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Why did we develop this tool?

License agreements can vary widely in both format and length, but all license agreements must contain certain information and terms to be both valid and enforceable. Without formal legal training, it can be hard to know what to include in such an agreement, as well as the proper order for the various sections.

In some cases, certain terms may be forgotten or overlooked by the end of the negotiation process, when both parties are ready to sign the document. In addition, certain language is standard in every license agreement.

That’s why we developed the Licensee Agreement Builder, to provide a useful checklist and ensure that specific language is included in the agreement.

Why makes this tool unique?

We designed the License Agreement Builder for education purposes, working closely with licensing professionals in the life sciences field. Thus, our tool helps ensure that all essential clauses are included in your agreement, and it includes specific language and terms that you can use and adapt to meet your specific needs.

The License Agreement Builder follows a highly structured set of steps that ensures that you won’t erroneously skip a topic. On the other hand, the tool is extremely flexible, as all the wording and terms can easily be changed, moved to another section, or omitted to meet the user’s needs.

Features of the License Agreement Builder

Includes predefined paragraphs created by legal professionals

Can be used to automate many routine tasks

Uses convenient field codes to enter specific variables and terms

The final license agreement can be easily exported as a Word document

Part of the course Intellectual Property

Obtaining a patent is a crucial step to safeguard the intellectual property of a novel biomedical intervention and to raise funding for its development. This course discusses the pros and cons of intellectual property and the do’s and don’ts to protect your biomedical invention in a timely manner.

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