Committee finder

With this tool you’ll find the committees, competent authorities and other organizations involved in the legal review of your clinical research proposal in the Netherlands.

The tutorial explains the basic functionalities of the tool. Read more below about how this tool can help with the development of new medical interventions and about the blended course Clinical Research in the Netherlands - Legislation & Procedures.

Why did we develop this tool?

The competent authorities in the Netherlands are dispersed. The tool provides an overview of all authorities and their locations to make it easy to find the relevant authority with which to submit your clinical research proposal.

The themes for this online course are developed in collaboration with the CCMO and is in part based on the Dutch e-learning site Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden is solely responsible for the course content. The CCMO will close the e-learning site once all its themes are incorporated in this online course.  This tool is part of the blended course clinical development. It helps calculate the receptor occupancy of an injected compound at a given dose.

Why is this tool special?

This tool includes two different algorithms: a basic and an extended one. This allows you to further customize the tool to match the behavior of your compound.

Part of the blended course Clinical Research Regulation in the Netherlands

Before starting a medical research study, it is reviewed and approved by an authorized reviewing committee. Learn the practical steps to navigate the review system of clinical research. This course is specific for the Netherlands.

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