Clinical Development

Question Based Clinical Development facilitates the design of a rational and efficient development pathway for new medical interventions. Learn the principles behind QBCD and how to apply it to real R&D projects.

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Clinical Development Online

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Learn how to use the QBCD approach to formulate key questions when developing a new medical intervention

Learn how to deal optimally with development risks and costs

Learn how to work with the QBCD software program

Discuss online with peers and receive feedback from your course instructor

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Clinical Development

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Experience the challenge of decision making on R&D projects

Learn from the successes and failures of real-world R&D projects

Learn from your group members in small, interdisciplinary working groups

Hear about first-hand experiences from industry experts

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Quote Paul Janssen Futurelab

Out of my comfort zone

“I loved the ‘corporate finance’ bit, really out of my comfort zone, but it did give me so much more insight into the financial considerations in clinical development”

Meta Roestenberg, Leiden University Medical Center, Clinical Development Online graduate

Quote Paul Janssen Futurelab

Genuinely fascinating

The case studies were all thought provoking, well-chosen and expertly presented to make different points. Genuinely fascinating: thanks!

Huw Lewis, GlaxoSmithKline Clinical Development Online graduate

Quote Paul Janssen Futurelab

Very helpful

The cases were very helpful, they brought the theory to life!

Dennie Tempel, Quorics B.V., Clinical Development Online graduate

Quote Paul Janssen Futurelab

Challenging content

I thoroughly enjoyed this course! The content, consisting of great videos, articles, and assignments, both challenged and matched my knowledge of clinical development.

Jaap Sniekers, Novartis, Clinical Development Online graduate

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This online course can be taken as a stand-alone course or as part of the blended learning-by-doing course Clinical Development, giving you the freedom to learn online in a time and place independent fashion from anywhere where you have internet access. At the end of the online course you will take a short online exam; participants who pass the exam will receive a certificate of completion and are eligible for the on-campus course held in the beautiful Castle Oud Poelgeest near Leiden in the Netherlands.

What makes this course special?

This online course is the first part of our blended course that also includes an on-campus course. In the online course, you will be introduced to Question-Based Clinical Development (QBCD), an innovative approach to designing a rational and efficient pathway for developing new medical interventions. The QBCD concept is derived from Real Options Theory, which is commonly used by the oil industry to deal with the high levels of uncertainty and large investments that are also common to clinical development. Adapted to the biomedical industry, QBCD offers significant advantages compared to the commonly used net present value (NPV) and risk-adjusted project value calculations. Specifically, the goal of QBCD is to optimize project value by identifying and addressing critical questions early, thereby streamlining the development of new medical interventions.

What will you learn?

In this 5-week course, you will learn the basic principles of QBCD and how to apply this approach to teaching cases based on real-world R&D projects. Using these principles and clear examples, you will learn to identify the key questions that must be answered when developing new medical interventions such as medicinal products, vaccines,

advanced therapy medicinal products, medical devices, and medicinal foods. During the online course, you will receive close guidance from the course instructor, who will actively participate in discussions and give valuable feedback on assignments.

4 things you will take away from this course

During this course, you will:

  1. Learn how to use the QBCD approach to formulate key questions when developing a new medical intervention;
  2. Learn how to deal optimally with development risks and costs;
  3. Learn how to work with the QBCD software program; and
  4. Engage in online discussions with your peers and receive feedback from your course instructor.

Article in Nature Biotechnology

We recently published the QBCD approach in the prestigious journal Nature Biotechnology; you can download the article (if you experience problems downloading the file, please contact us).

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Clinical Development contributors


Clinical Development Online

Nacer Lounis

Senior Principal Scientist

Janssen Pharmaceutica


Clinical Development Online

Tine de Marez

Senior Director, Compound Development Team Leader TB

Johnson & Johnson


Clinical Development Online

Erik Niks

Neurologist - Pediatric neurologist

Leiden University Medical Center


Clinical Development Online

Piet Hinoul

Chief Medical Officer

Virtual Incision


Clinical Development Online

Ad Sitsen


ClinPharMed Consultancy for Drug Development

Clinical Development Online

Paul Stoffels




Clinical Development Online

Marcel Kenter


Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden


Clinical Development Online

Koen Andries

VP Scientific Fellow Infectious Diseases Discovery

Janssen Pharmaceutica NV


Clinical Development Online

Andreas Wallnöfer

General Partner

BioMed Partners Venture Capital (former Head of Clinical Research & Exploratory Development at F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.)


Clinical Development Online

Justin Hay

Senior Director



Clinical Development Online

André Elferink

Clinical epidemiologist

Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board

Clinical Development Online

Hans-Georg Eichler

Senior Medical Officer

European Medicines Agency

Clinical Development Online

Inge de Lepeleire

Director Translational Pharmacology

MSD Europe

Clinical Development Online

Johan Garssen

Director Immunology Platform

Danone/Nutricia Research

Clinical Development Online

Rick Kuntz

Former Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific, Clinical and Regulatory Officer


Clinical Development Online

Oliver Bisazza

Former Director Regulatory Policy


Clinical Development Online

Saco de Visser

Teacher and Clinical Pharmacologist

Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden

Clinical Development Online

Richard Shull

Head of Deal Structuring and Trading Fundamentals


Clinical Development Online

Pierre Peeters

Early Clinical Development Expert

Curare Consulting

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