Two promising young start-ups win scholarships

Published on 2019-10-09

Written by Paul Janssen Futurelab

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Janssen Campus the Netherlands has made available scholarships for 2 promising candidates from young start-up companies.

This year, the scholarships have been awarded to Gerard Boink, PhD (CEO at PacingCure BV, the Netherlands) and Sarah Triest, PhD (scientist at Confo Therapeutics, Belgium). Gerard and Sarah will participate in the 3-part blended course Clinical Development, a highly rated course from Paul Janssen Futurelab. The scholarship is for start-ups who plan to run their first-in-human clinical trial within the next 1.5 years.
During the course, they will use Question-Based Clinical Development to design the optimal clinical developmental program for their product. The course includes an online introduction course, an interactive on-campus course with cases based on real R&D projects from industry and an extended course focused on writing a clinical trial proposal with guidance from an experienced mentor.
The online course is now running and a new round is planned to take place in spring next year. The on-campus courses will take place in June 2020.
Paul Janssen Futurelab

Winners of the start-up scholarships 2019.