Grants and Scholarships

Selected grants and scholarships are available for our courses. Find details below about current grants and scholarships and how to apply.

€500,000 ZonMw Grant for the Best Clinical Trial Application

ZonMw Grant in 2018

For the next Clinical Development course in June 4-7, 2018, participants of the extended course can again compete for the Best Clinical Trial application and apply for the highly competitive ZonMw grant of €500,000. Participants for the extended course must first successfully complete both the online course and on-campus sections. Paul Janssen Futurelab will review all clinical trial applications  and award the best proposal with a nomination letter.

Read more about eligibility for this grant below.

ZonMw Grant in 2017

Participants of the extended Clinical Development course in September 15-21, 2017 have written their proposals with assistance of a personal mentor and expert in the field. They will compete for the 2017 ZonMw grant of €500,000.

Deadline for course participants of September 15-21, 2017:

Applications must be received by Paul Janssen Futurelab by Wednesday November 1, 2017, 12:00 CET. The applications will be reviewed by ZonMw in January 2018.

Paul Janssen Futurelab


You are eligible to apply for the ZonMw grant if your proposal:

  • Was developed during the Clinical Development Extended Course
  • Concerns a trial design with a registered drug
  • Concerns a trial to be conducted in a research institute or hospital in the Netherlands

Scholarships for Clinical Development Courses in 2017

In Februari 2017,  the Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw) awarded 9 full scholarships (Online + On-campus + Extended) for the Clinical Development program and the Association for Innovative Medicines (Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen (VIG)) awarded 5 scholarships (Online + On-campus). These designated scholarships were received by entrepreneurial physician-investigators and biomedical researchers in the Netherlands for the development of novel medical interventions.

“This is a unique blended-learning program for biomedical professionals. Participants will get the opportunity to study real-life case studies from the field,” says Ackbar Ketwaru, senior policy advisor at VIG. “They are trained to use question-based clinical development, a method that can be put to great use within their organizations.”