About Paul Janssen

Discover how Dr. Paul Janssen inspired us to start this initiative.

Dr. Paul Janssen (1926 – 2003), founder of Janssen Pharmaceutical, was a pioneer in the field of biomedical research, as well as a highly successful entrepreneur. Using his unique combination of talents, Dr. Janssen discovered, developed, and brought to market many new drugs in a relatively short period of time, making a clear difference in the lives of patients everywhere. At Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden, Dr. Janssen’s legacy will serve to inspire future generations of researchers.

A legacy

Janssen and the scientists at Janssen Pharmaceutica discovered over 80 new medicines, seven of which are on the WHO list of essential medicines. Most of the drugs he and his teams developed were used to treat infestations by fungi and worms, mental illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, and AIDS. Paul Janssen died in Rome, Italy, in 2003. He was survived by his widow, Dora Janssen-Arts, two sons, three daughters and 13 grandchildren.

A name to be proud of

On January 30th 2016, it is that Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden signed an agreement with Baroness Dora Janssen-Arts, regarding the use of the name for this initiative.