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In this five-week online Futurelab course, entrepreneurs and biomedical professionals are introduced to the world of financing for novel medical interventions. The course provides a clear understanding of the most frequently used practices, terms and conditions and will benefit biomedical professionals that are involved in finance capital transactions.

Course content


Week 1.

Week 2.

Week 3. 

Week 4. 

Week 5. 


Study time

You will be expected to spend approximately 5 hours per week for five consecutive weeks.


Online exam

Your understanding of the course material will be assessed by an online exam. You will need access to a laptop with webcam, a stable internet connection, a clean desk, and a private room. Participants will be monitored by a professional invigilator via webcam during the exam. To take part in the exam, you will need to use the invigilator’s exam program and clear your schedule for 1 hour to take the exam. Detailed instructions about the exam will be sent at the end of the course.

After passing the exam, you will obtain a Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden certificate and will be eligible for the on-campus and on-campus extended courses.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understanding financial transactions. What are term sheets? Which immediate and future (non) dilutive funding requirements can be identified? How and when do I contact financial stakeholders such as angel investors, seed- and venture capitalists?
  2. Setting up financial accounting. How do I organize my accounting as a start-up company and what are the building blocks of the annual financial report?
  3. Getting your legal in order. Which legal documents are of importance in the finance transactions during the various stages of financing and what are the consequences for my start-up?

You will learn that a financial plan identifies critical milestones of the research- and product development stages, along which funding may occur. To deepen your acquired skills, realistic case studies based on various biotech start-ups are included in exercises to illustrate the complexity and dynamics involved in financial transactions.


  • A master’s degree in any subject related to biomedical science;
  • Several years of relevant working experience.