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This demo includes the outline of the current course Clinical Development and some open chapters. Every week we start the course by following the story of Claire, a bright young neurologist and her new employer: Innovatica Therapeutics Ltd. Her struggle to address development risks in a rational, science-driven manner in a business environment exemplify the learning objectives of this course. We will meet Claire in the first open chapter.


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Saco de Visser


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In this 5-week online Futurelab course, you are introduced to the question-based method of clinical development. This approach, which is based on the Real Options Theory, facilitates the rational and efficient design of developmental pathways for novel medical interventions.

With a blend of internationals with both scientific and industry backgrounds, the course has started to spread its wings. Many of these online learners have participated in the same on-campus and on-campus extended course.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:
  1. Design the optimal path to develop a novel medical intervention. Specifically, you will compare the advantages and disadvantages of using the NPV vs the question-based approach;
  2. Identify the most important questions that arise during the development process;
  3. Identify the uncertainties that are associated with tackling these questions; and
  4. Identify the costs associated with the development process and estimate the potential after successful development.

Study load

The study load for this course is 5 hours per week.