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This demo includes the outline of the current course Clinical Development and some open chapters. Every week we start the course by following the story of Claire, a bright young neurologist and her new employer: Innovatica Therapeutics Ltd. Her struggle to address development risks in a rational, science-driven manner in a business environment exemplify the learning objectives of this course. We will meet Claire in the first open chapter.


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In this 5-day On-campus Extended program, you will work with a mentor (a clinical expert) to develop your own clinical trial based on the brief pre-proposal that you submitted with your application. In addition, your mentor will guide you through the scientific and practical challenges associated with drafting a clinical trial application. This on-campus Futurelab course also takes place in Leiden.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing this course, you will be able to take a preliminary idea for a novel medical intervention and turn it into a fully developed clinical trial protocol. In addition, you will have a clear understanding of what constitutes a complete research file ready to be submitted to the appropriate authorities and research ethics committees.

€500,000 grant for the best clinical trial application

A highly competitive €500,000 grant from the Dutch funding agency ZonMw is available for the best clinical trial application developed during this course, for testing a registered medicinal product in a Dutch research institute or hospital. Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden will review all developed clinical trial applications during this course and award the best proposal with a nomination letter that can be used for obtaining the ZonMw grant.

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